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I consider novelty prints among the greatest joys of vintage clothing, and in particular those 'hidden' novelty prints which reward a closer look, like Magic Eye patterns (remember those?): The flower that becomes a ballerina; the seemingly abstract geometric that reveals itself as kites flying in the breeze; the floral bouquets that turn out to be poodles! 

Inevitably of course, the frustration lies in finding adorable novelty print... in not-your-size.  In my case, I was prompted to start reproducing original vintage novelty designs and have them printed onto fabric so that I could have them in my wardrobe! I gradually started producing more and more of my own original designs, inspired by the prints of the 1940s and 50s, in co-ordinated collections.


Most of my designs are available to order through Spoonflower - click through the thumbnails and links below to view and purchase. 

My newest collection, Gossamer & Petals, has a delicate and ephemeral feel with prints featuring dew-spangled spiderwebs, downy dandelion clocks, butterflies and botanical motifs. Playful pixies dance and frolic among the florals in some designs.  Feature print Ballerina Garden placed in the top five in Spoonflower's design challenge in January 2018. The collection is styled in four colourways: coral and turquoise; chocolate and powder blue; navy and pink; purple and orchid. 

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My most popular collection, Cocktail Hour is a set of midcentury-inspired designs in shades of pink, turquoise, red and teal with accents in grey and chartreuse. The collection is perfect for clothing, quilting or home furnishings, and includes a number of low-volume complementary prints ideal for accents.

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The 1940s inspired Summer Accessories collection features sunglasses, lipsticks, ribbon streamers and kisses in retro shades of peachy pink, hot pink and turquoise.  The design elements are based on original vintage dress fabrics and feedsacks from the 1940s for an authentic vintage look. 

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The 1940s inspired Vintage Belles collection includes some the first reproduction prints I created - indeed, the dancing ladies and hearts design is based on the fabric which inspired me to start reproducing vintage novelty prints in the first place, and forms the genesis of the collection. It remains a favourite, and has been joined by a number of co-ordinating designs in various colourways. 

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My designs draw inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from original vintage fabrics to magazine illustrations, stocking packaging, vintage homewares, and more. 

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