2019 Make Nine


Okay so I’ll admit, I only technically completed five out of my 2018 Make Nine - two projects were still works-in-progress as of 31 December (but hopefully to be completed soon); one ended up too daunting a prospect (so much pattern drafting!); and the perfect fabric for the planned 1940s suit eluded me for yet another year). But I did also organise a wedding and complete a dozen or so projects over the course of the year, which isn’t too bad.

But on to this year’s plans! As with 2018 I’ve whittled the longlist (the loooong longlist) down to my key priorities, aiming for a good cross section of eras and styles. One twist I’ve added is that several of these employ new-to-me techniques, as I’m taking a leaf out of Mena Lazar’s book and committing to stretching myself and developing my sewing/couture skills.

  1. Let’s Go Fly a Kite - a relatively simple make to ease into the year (I need it after some fairly pattern-drafting-heavy projects recently), with applique and soutache braid detailing.

  2. Gather Ye Rosebuds - I got this sweet vintage 50s acetate (I believe) fabric at the Bletchley Park 1940s weekend last year, and immediately saw it as this dress, with a ruched midriff or sash, and a big bow bustle in the back.

  3. Lightning - this is inspired by an original vintage 1940s dress I came across posted for sale. The bodice is embroidered all over with beaded lightning flashes - the first new technique for the year.

  4. Silk jersey dress - inspired by an original 1940s dress in purple and lilac rayon jersey, I’ll make mine using Blackmore 7081 from tvpstore on Etsy. Unfortunately rayon jersey isn’t made in the same way any more, so I’ll be using silk jersey for my version. I’m also still deciding on colours (I might recreate the violet or go for something completely different, like red and coral or teal and turquoise).

  5. Trapunto dress - another new technique for me, and one that I’m excited to try out. The finer details of the design (including the colour - the swatch shown is for illustrative purposes) are still to be determined.

  6. Blossom Time - the technique featured here will be sewing with sheers - this will be made in a soft pink rayon georgette, in a pattern based on Butterick B6380.

  7. Pencil skirt and cape set - either in the teal wool shown here or maybe in a blossom pink for spring.

  8. This year I’m determined to make more with my own fabric designs! A 1940s shirtwaist in this, one of my newest designs, is just the beginning.

  9. Poolside playsuit - this has been years in the planning, but I think it’s time. I reproduced this novelty print from photographs in a 1950 magazine. The original colourway shown was dark blue with the bathers in green, yellow and red (although I’ve also come across it in blue, red and orange), but my version will be in the turquoise, pink and yellow colourway.

And that, of course, is far from everything. In fact my “priority” list runs to 16+ projects, and includes at least four more applique/embroidery projects and three more variations on B6380 in different colours and textures (yeah, when I find a pattern I like I really get my money’s worth!)