New Fabric Collection: Luna

Luna preview.jpeg

I’m excited to introduce my newest fabric design collection, Luna! An Art Nouveau-influenced collection, Luna draws its key inspirations from the work of Alphonse Mucha.

The genesis of the collection was Spoonflower’s “Moths” weekly contest theme. I never knew there were so many beautiful moths until I started researching for design inspiration! I chose to focus on the delicate Luna Moth, and decided to go with an Art Nouveau feel as I felt like it was complemented the elegant, elongated shape of the moth’s wings. Design elements include stars, moons and ‘stargazer’ lilies, all based on Mucha’s work - I’ve collected my principal inspirations into a Pinterest board if you’re interested!

I had so much fun developing this collection - it was really an opportunity for me to push my design boundaries and use some new-to-me techniques and tools in Illustrator to try and get the feel I wanted for the collection. I’d love it if you could vote for me on the Spoonflower contest page!